Spare parts module

The ABC analysis feature will allow you to identify the changes in goods demand, thus giving you the opportunity to maintain optimal inventory levels. Available reports make it easy to control sales results, sellers work, purchases, special campaigns, groups of goods and other indices that can be defined in different periods of time according to your selected parameters.



  • Higher profitability. You will get a higher profitabilitywhile maintaining optimal inventory levels. ABC analysis and automated creation of order proposals will help you.
  • Improved customer service. You will improve customer service, because you will be able to quickly find the spare parts between warehouses/branches/companies.
  • Finding adequate spare parts. You will always quickly find the relevant spare part for the specific vehicle using the model compatibility/compliance tables.
  • Identification of the old stock. You will be able to easily identify the old stock and the stock with a long life cycle.
  • Data entry several times eliminated. This will help you to eliminate the need to manually enter information several times.


Spare parts procurement and sales

  • Requests for prices and products. Requests for prices and products: prices, discounts, stock by branches/companies, inventory data, etc.
  • Preparation of invoices. Possibility to divide invoices on the line level and in per cent/currency units.
  • Links. Links from sales transactions to customer and goods data, goods history and availability.
  • Request registration. Registration of lost sales possibilities/customer requests.
  • Discounts. Special discounts for clients and client groups.
  • Spare parts report.Attractive, replacement and alternative spare parts.
  • Spare parts processing. Pricelists imports, replaced (code change) spare parts data processing.
  • Creation of orders. Automated creation of order proposals.
  • Purchases.Import of purchases and their approvals from spare parts manufacturers.
  • Delivery processing.Spare parts delivery data processing.
  • Compatibility. Compatibility with spare parts electronic catalogues (EPC).


Stock management

  • Activities with multiple branches/companies/warehouses.
  • Amortization of stock value.
  • Automated updating of pricelists.
  • Use of barcodes for inventory, sales and turnover of spare parts in the warehouse.
  • Reservation of spare parts for the customer.
  • Writing off the goods.



  • ABC analysis.
  • Stock value report with open pages and without them (today and on the specified date).
  • Stock history.
  • Mark-up report.
  • Outdated stock reports.
  • Campaign data reports and supervision.

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