Service module

AutoMaster system makes it easy and convenient to carry out sub-contractor data processing, divide invoices between multiple customers, prepare presale documentation, order the missing spare parts and contact customers via SMS messages.



  • Improved service work efficiency through a graphic time reservation tool and technical staff classification.
  • Easy to follow profitability.. Extensive report creation options that allow you to get information about the auto service profitability and efficiency.
  • Improved service. Easier communication with customers using integrated SMS and e-mail solutions before visiting an auto service, during this visit and after it. Interface to AutoMaster eService and call centre module, which improves the quality of customer service.
  • Saved time. Saved time of technical staff by using barcodes for accounting. Faster data entry through interfaces for electronic spare parts and job catalogues (EPC).

Job task management

  • Functions for the creation of offers and estimates as well as extensive billing functions.
  • Accounting of sub-contractors.
  • Processing of jobs and sets of spare parts.
  • Possibility to automatically update the lists of spare parts and standard labour times.
  • Division of invoices between several payers up to lines/amounts.
  • Available interfaces for electronic spare parts (EPC) and job catalogues.

Time accounting and auto service management

  • Load supervision. Service load supervision and current job tasks supervision.
  • Transparent jobs status. Car status in the auto service: expected soon, waiting, work is being done, work has been completed, necessary to prepare an invoice.
  • Staff effectiveness and efficiency supervision. Supervision of work productivity of the technical staff.
  • Easier time accounting. Possibility to use barcodes to make time accounting process easier.
  • Informing customers. Possibility to inform a customer about the car status in the auto service as well as about work completion times by sending SMS and/or e-mail.
  • Service shift/car rental accounting. Service shift/car rental accounting with respective possibility of document printing.
  • Tyres warehouse. Additional possibility – tyre warehouse – ensures accounting of tyres transferred for storage and preparation of respective documents (certificates, agreements. etc.).

Processing of guarantees

  • Technical campaigns data processing.
  • Processing of refused guarantee applications.
  • Processing of Goodwill (partly paid guarantees) applications
  • Mass information processing with data downloading from manufacturers’ systems.

Please contact us – the auto service work graphic planner will make service time reservation and staff management easier for you!